​Our christmas puppies (17.12.2016) at one week of age

     Foxterrier Wire is one of the most curious, intense, impulsive and entertaining of all terriers.Very outgoing, active and always alert dogs. Playful, loves to play with his toys, chase the ball and play catch, loves long walks and run to vent energy throug excercise and play.They are sweet,loving and affectionate and very loyal, they are great with children and make great companion to all.They are highly intelligent, amusing breed, hypoallergenic and non shedding also.

    Foxterrier loves outdoor so secure backyard is the best place for him.He needs to be supervised frequently as his running and chasing instinct migh lead him to dig under the fence to explore the outside world behind the fence.He thrives with firm and active owners. He has mischievious sense of humor, mind of their own and have to learn at early age that they are not rulers of the world, they have to learn who is the boss and leader of the pack.They are fearless with other animals and they will not back down if challenged.They have the inborn prey drive and extremely quick reflexes, so little creatures will not run far away. They are very possessive of their toys and food.Make excellent watch dogs and also great companion to children and adults.

     Our parent dogs were selected for their wonderful personality, excellent looks and also long great and healthy bloodline of healthy champion dogs in the background of both of them.


     New born puppies have black head and black markings on their bodies. The ones on the body will stay black and will grow with the puppy. The black fuzz will slowly turn in nice tan colour on their cheeks, forehead and ears.When choosing  your puppy from the litter you shhould put more interest in how it will fit in your family than in the markings.

     When starting to train your puppy you should remember that they are just puppies and that it will take more than one session to get you command message accros.Be patient with them, yelling does not accomplish anything.Wire foxterrier puppies are very loving and full of life.Puppies should not be left alone with access to the entire house, they should earn the access to additional parts of the houseslowly and be crated when left alone to protect them from getting hurt and also to protect your precious belongings.

     Puppies are sweet, loving affectionate and have potential as show dogs for conformation or obedience and make also lovable pets.They should be fed 4 meals a day until 3 months old. From 3-6 months 3 meals a day and after that you can decide to feed 2 meals by breaking the daily allowance in half or just one meal a day.The food allowance stays the same for the life of the dog.

    The puppies are lovable bundles of fur and the new owners need to remember that they will eventually grow u into adult dogs. All puppies are cute so new and innocent. They are also a challenge to be raised correctly and it could take some time to house train them.They need a lot of attention and patience.

Puppy does not leave our home until CKC microchip inserted, veterinary performed complete health check and that it received full set of deworming and has atleast first needle of the set of 3 - depending on age when leaving our home.



Wire fox is a non shedding and allergy free dog, good for pet owners with astma and allergies.Their fun loving temperament and happy wiggly tails won heats of dog owners worldwide.

     They can pic the best seat in a house with the best view, being it a rocking chair or sofa  they leave it only when they feel like it.They want to be part of everything that is happening around the house and usually shoulder their way in the action. They are high energy dogs and very smart and enjoy any challenge, they have a dominat streak in them and it needs to be dealt with at an early age.They are friendly, curious and fun to have around.They want to be part of the family and be with  you where ever you are and what ever you are doing.They are very brave and protective of their family, enjoy to be center of the attention and always have mischief in their mind.The breed has tendency to become diggers mostly when bored, the digging should be dealt with at the very onset of it.They are possessive of their toys and at the end of the day they are happy to curl on the lap of the owner and be petted.

     The wire foxterrier usually lives a long and healthy life.Many live to be over  15 years old, they are mostly healthy and this breed does not have any major hereditary problems, they are strong and very seldom get sick if they are well cared for.

     Wire foxterrier needs plenty of excercise otherwise they will become bored and mischievious.The breed needs long walks or and enclosed safe yard to run in.They also need to be trained to have something to keep them busy. It is also important that like any other pet they receive plenty of socialization as puppies. Their coat needs to be combed regularly and 2 times a year to get groomed. All show wire foxterriers are hand stripped, pets are generally clippered. The clipping results in softer coat in the long run.

Remember to get a puppy is a commitment for the next 15 plus years but you receive much more in return from them over the years.

What can you expect from us?

A puppy that has up to date needles and deworming

Puppy that is healthy form a healthy line

CKC microchip and CKC pure bred registration

Excellent pedigree

Health guarantee

Veterinary health check certificate

Health record book with all medication up to date

Album with record pictures showing the puppies progress

Our continuing support and help

Questions we might ask you:

Where will your puppy sleep?

Is your yard fully fenced?

Will there be someone at home during the day and if  not how long will the puppy be left alone?

Do you have children and what age?

Why did you pick to own a foxterrier?

Do you have any other dogs or other pets?

Are you interested in showing or agility performance?

A puppy is for lifetime not just when it is a cute little puppy do you agree?

We ask these questions not to discriminate on your ownership but to give you suggestions and help to make your puppy safe and happy in their new forever home.


Our Christmas puppies at one month

Puppies early 2016- five females

About our kennel:

    We are a small operation and all our puppies and dogs are raised in our home, getting all attention and loving care.We just lost our two older foxterrier pair Brita and international champion  Xicolo v.d Bismarquelle due to old age. Brita was a mother to our previous litters and Xiki her partner both retired from breeding and enjoyed their golden age with us.

     Our present pair Gally and Finn finished their championships a are parents to our litters of puppies.Finn was imported from Europe and his puppies inherit his laid back attitude and his love of people. He is energetic, smart, likes his walks and excersie and does he ever love his meals.He is still a playfull puppy at heart.

All our dogs  are outgoing and happy members of our family and stay with us till the bitter end after they stop breeding and attending the shows.They all have their outside kennel with plenty of room to run but all of them spend the nights in our home with us.The first two pictures are of Finn and the other 2 of Gally.


Jarmila Lenk-Rezac, Concession 6, Simcoe, Ontario N3Y 4K4, 519-428-4098